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Testimonials for Massotherapy and Wellness - Ed Montgomery

I have been benefiting from the skills and abilities of massage therapists for the past 20 years. In that time, I have only encountered three that were worth the name.

The first one helped me heal from a badly pulled hamstring gotten from karate, and after only two (very excruciating) sessions. (I had been going to physical therapy and saw little or no improvement after two months and great personal expense). That therapist retired and I moved from therapist to therapist and finally got my second highly skilled one. I have been with him for years now, but since he is so good, he is very busy. When I found myself in need of treatment, alas, my guy was booked and could not see me. I asked him who he went to…

Ed Montgomery is now my third “miracle worker.” I believe I am very active for a woman my age…I golf, dance competitively, and workout with a personal trainer. I have also been in three car wrecks that I believe are the reasons for my back problems today. I need qualified therapists. I require deep tissue massage, and although it is seldom a pleasurable experience, the results are amazing. The techniques that Ed uses and the stretching manipulations that he applies have made a great difference in my life. I have been able to continue doing what I love. He is a consummate professional and I knew from my first experience with him that he is passionate about what he does. I have recommended him to all of my friends and encourage anyone who needs a qualified, highly-competent and caring professional to seek Ed out.


Sally H.


Testimonials for Massotherapy and Wellness - Ed Montgomery

Simply the best. I met Ed about 6 years ago while preparing for a mixed martial arts competition. At the time, I was dealing with nagging injuries from competing in combat sports from a young age and the rigors of training that accompany it. During our first session, Ed was able to locate my issues and start me on a path of healing. He even accompanied me to many of my competitions to work on me prior to the events.

What sets Ed apart is that he has a wealth of understanding about the human body, yet he is constantly learning new techniques to utilize in healing his clients. I have sent many other friends and family to Ed over the years and all have been more than pleased with the results. Ed was even able to help my wife while she was dealing with back pain during pregnancy. I have seen many other LMTs throughout the years but none compare. Thanks for everything, Ed!


I met Ed Montgomery at the 2014 Panerathon 10K Charity Run. I was really having difficulty with my IT Band in the weeks leading up to the race.  Ed stretched me and loosened up my right leg so that I was ready to run the race.  He even stretched and massaged my IT band after the race.  This was all done free of charge because Ed and the staff at the Massage Cafe' donated their time and services to all the runners.

I have been seeing Ed at the Massage Cafe' in Canfield for the past year and a half.  It is easy to schedule an appointment with Ed after I finish work because he works late, evening hours, that fit my hectic schedule. Ed always greets me with a friendly smile and accommodates all of my target, painful, areas. I am very pleased with the services I have received from Ed, the following days I always start to feel better. I will continue to go to Ed as I continue my running lifestyle. 

As a former collegiate volleyball player I will continue to have "flare-ups" due to my severe scoliosis. Ed will always be my "go-to" massage therapist. I can not thank Ed enough for making me feel better and put a smile back on my face when I leave the Massage Cafe'. 

 C. Toth

My name is Kristen Anderson and I'm a personal trainer and competitive Crossfit athlete.  I got into Crossfit about 6 years ago, and shortly after started doing competitions.  Like any sport, it can be very demanding on the body, especially on the competitive side. Before coming to Ed, I would do my own mobility routine using foam rollers, bands, lacross balls, stretching etc to help my body recover, but felt like I needed something a little more. A friend/colleague of mine told me about Ed and how awesome he is, so I decided to make an appointment. That was about 2 years ago and I've been coming to him ever since.

In that time, my training has improved a immensely and my recovery between training sessions is much quicker.  Anyone who trains a lot will say that getting body work done on regular basis is important to their recovery, and finding someone who understands the nature of training can be difficult to do. Ed is great at working with different people, whether it be an athlete needing a sports massage or a person just looking for relaxation.  He is very professional, attentive to his clients' needs, and incredibly knowledgeable.

Kristen A.

There I was in the most horrible pain I had ever felt. I was only 40 years old. Chronic lower back pain is something I had never experienced. I remember the day I did it. You know those pictures where they show you not to pick things up with your back but use your knees? Yup, used the back.  I thought the pain would go away on it’s own because after all, I was “young” and all my other aches and pains had gone away after a few days. To my despair, it continued and only kept getting worse.

Being an educated health professional I tried what I thought would work. I overdosed on ibuprofen, spent hours on the heating pad, and took warm baths. Nothing was helping. I could not lay down, sit, or stand without hurting. There was no way I was going to live out the rest of my days like this. I found myself thinking that if I got run over by a semi on my way home from work that would be fine by me. I had made my peace with my higher power. I was good to go if it meant I could live a life without chronic back pain.

In the midst of desperation I tried going for a massage. I waited for almost four months before I tried this. I was afraid someone would make it worse or hurt me. My only experience with massage was at exclusive hotels where you go for intense relaxation. What did they know about chronic pain? Albeit, I was desperate so I tried it. There he was, my savior, Ed. Don’t laugh… I am not kidding.

It was by chance I found him. There were other therapist at the center but his colleague had recommended him as a specialist in neuromuscular massage.

I tested him that first visit just to see how smart he was. He measured my legs, watched me walk, did other types of exams and listened to my story. It was clear to me he was well trained and an expert in the field. We spent many sessions together and while they were not in any way a “relaxing massage” I started to feel better in about a month. He taught me that the key to not getting hurt was stretching and showed me valuable exercises I still do every day. He also helped me purchase the best mattress for my back. I had slept on the couch for over a month! The day I will never forget is the day he gave me what I call the “tough love” talk. He told me some of this was mental and I realized I was anticipating the pain even before I took a step forward or climbed a stair. While most of it is certainly physical, our brains can make it a whole lot worse. Once I started to think positive I got better in record time! The best thing Ed did for me was the day he took me for a walk. After the massage was over he met me at the front door and walked with me around the building. Certainly beyond what was required of his services. He pushed me to walk fast and stand up straight at a time where I was merely taking baby steps due to being in so much pain. I told him, “I can’t do this!” He encouraged me and proved to me my legs would really move and I would live through it. The secret was to move your body and control your mind!

To me Ed is more then just a massage therapist. He helped me understand the nuances of chronic pain and how to prevent this from ever happening again. I still go for a “tweak” once a month and value his knowledge, skills, and friendship. Without him I might be under that semi wheel right now!

Stacy S.